Town of Rosthern Cemetery 

To find a grave please search through Town of Rosthern website, click on link below,

https://www.rosthern.com/p/cemetery-database For any other grave locations please phone Town of Rosthern 1(306)232-4826

All plot and digging arrangements are contracted through the Town of Rosthern or your local funeral home.

Rosthern Cemetery – however this is all one cemetery it is made up of a few sections, starting from the south on the property is the old section, the next section is the Rosthern Cemetery Roman Catholic area and Rosthern Cemetery Ukrainian Orthodox area. The farthest north section is the newly developed area since 1994. The cemetery has been recently cleaned up well by the placement of sidewalks strips for the installation of monuments, so the family saves the cost of a foundation for their loved one’s monument.

ATTENTION: Monuments placed have certain height and width restrictions in certain areas of the cemetery, please ask before proceeding

Nearby cemeteries

Arma Cemetery – Lutheran cemetery south of Rosthern, SK

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Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation - Beardy’s Cemetery

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Brotherfield Mennonite Brethren Cemetery – West of Waldheim, SK

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Eigenheim Cemetery 10km west of Rosthern, SK on HWY 312

Gruenthal Bergthaler Mennonite Church Cemetery

Gruenthal Village Cemetery

Hague Cemetery

Hague Old Cemetery

(Hague Cemetery & Hague Old Cemetery - all plot and digging arrangements are contracted through the Town of Hague or your local funeral home)

Hepburn Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery

Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Cemetery – Saskatoon, SK

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St. Laurent Roman Catholic Cemetery Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, St. Laurent, SK north of Duck Lake, SK

St. Michael’s First Nation Cemetery – South of Duck Lake, SK

Tiefengrund Mennonite Cemetery – Northeast in Laird District, SK

Warman Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Warman Cemetery

Waldheim Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery Saskatoon, SK

**There are other cemeteries, too many to mention, that are not listed that can be used. Some may be private cemeteries as they are not listed and used by association and only by permission granted**